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Family Farm is an innovative life simulation farming-themed game
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Family Farm is a quite original strategy-simulation game as its action is focused on managing farmsteads. It’s, in fact, a combination of game genres, as it also includes elements of RPG games besides the gameplay elements and aspects that usually belong to tycoon-like, strategy games. You may also call it, in simpler words, a life simulation game with emphasis on a realistic approach to the usual farming tasks of the 19th century.

Your main task in this game will be to maintain an effective balance between the needs of the characters that you control and their capabilities (skills and attributes). The controlled characters can be asked to seed the ground, harvest crops, care for livestock, cook meals, feed hens, grow vegetables, chop trees, and so on, all these while they’re happy, rested, and well fed. The higher their skill levels and the better their satisfaction values, the more consistent are the chances for a quicker overall development of the entire farm and its inhabitants. Since all activities happen in real-time and a farming season is limited, the game gets to be quite challenging.

The visuals are pretty neat, not exactly spectacular but still sophisticated enough to include zooming capabilities. Anyway, the captivating gameplay remains the main advantage of this cool game.

Cutting long story short, the game is not bad at all even though its main theme, farming, might sound a bit dull and uninteresting to many. It’s a good choice for any casual gamers as its gameplay is captivating and entertaining.

Margie Smeer
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  • Original visuals (the artworks for the graphics)
  • Complex and captivating gameplay
  • Comprehensive enough game settings
  • Quite relaxing and suitable for all family members


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